Friday, January 20, 2012

Winter in Seattle

We were having a mild winter...until this week! Tuesday, winter arrived with a vengeance.  Anyone who has ever experienced a snow storm in the Seattle knows that it is a love-hate sort of experience!  Love - because the kids always get a snow day (they cancel around here at the mere threat of snow).  Hate - because nobody knows how to drive in it.  Where else in the world do people simply abandon their cars on the side of the interstate and walk home!!!  To add to the fun, the snow was followed by the first ice storm in 15 years. We awoke to one of the most eerie sounds - it was deathly quiet because of all the snow and lack of power, then suddenly the silence was shattered by the sound of snapping of the branches, and load "thuds" as the branch hit the earth! (Or the roof a few times)  Thankfully, everyone in our house had the week off and when the power went out for two days, we had our generator.  I hate to say it but I am ready for some RAIN!

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