Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sophie Turns 2

Candy and Balloons what else could a 2year old want!  We had such a fun afternoon with Sophie eating candy and releasing balloons.  My idea was to have her enjoy the candy and run and have fun with the balloons.  Well that is almost what happens (as is the case with most photoshoot ideas)  Sophie loved that candy so much she was very distracted and just wanted to eat all of it!!  Then what adults think will be a great idea, is not what a 2 year old thinks is fun.  I thought she would love to have all the balloons to hang on to and run and have fun, not so much.  She was a little afraid all those balloons were going to take her up to the sky and she just wanted them off.  I did however get her to laugh a couple of times while holding the gallons.  Afterwards we let her let go of all 24 balloons and watch them fly up in the sky without her.  I think this is the part she enjoyed the most!

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