Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A fun day at the zoo with the Hischler Family

Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my.   Monkeys and elephants and Hischlers, oh my.  A call from a friend of mine from High School had us meeting at Woodland Park Zoo for some new family portraits.  Cathy, her husband Gabor, and the newest little Hischler, baby Livia, met me on a beautiful day at a special spot for them, the scene of the couple’s second date.   The park has been experiencing its own baby boom lately with lions, tigers and bears, no, really, but also otters, cranes porcupines and penguins.  And, the weather was fantastic.  We had a wonderful time strolling through the park with its many updated habitats and enjoying Livia’s reaction to the animals.  She was particularly intrigued by the monkeys and elephants.   It was a wonderful day, and this lovely family was such a pleasure to work with!

To enjoy more from the Hischler Family session check out the video below!


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