Friday, October 4, 2013

Sal Cincotta workshop in LA

Last week I had the great privilege of attending a workshop with one of the industry icons Sal Cincatta.  This two-day workshop was filled with so much information that I could barley keep up! The first day we spent shooting; we drove all over downtown LA in search of great backdrops for our gorgeous models.  A great deal of time was devoted to learning to see the big picture and making photographs that have great impact and make great art pieces.  The second day, we worked some new post-prossessing techniques meant to enhance the pictures from the day before.  The remainder of the day was spent discussing business strategies.  I am learning that being a photographer is 20% taking pictures and 80% being a business person!

It was a pleasure getting to spend this time with ten other likeminded photographers and a privilege to learn from Sal, Taylor and Alissa.  

This is what it looks like when 11 photographers are getting the perfect shoot!! 

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