Monday, August 19, 2013

Bailey's sport

        For all who know my daughter, they know that even though her brother would do any and every team sport known to man if we would allow it, she is not really a team sport kind of kid. So, knowing she didn't really like team sports, we still wanted to get her involved in some kind of extracurricular activity.  Her dad had a horse when he was her age and knowing her love of animals, he thought horseback riding would be a good fit.  
        Well, he's a genius (at least about this); she took to it like a fish in water.  She loves it and is pretty good.  Some people would say that horseback riding is not a sport, but if you talk to Bailey after a lesson, she will tell you that she is wiped out!  It takes a lot of muscle strength to get a big horse to do what you want rather than what it wants.  We are just glad that she has found something she loves!

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