Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kyle Cooker 2013

This year was my third time photographing Kyle, and every session has been great fun.  Each year, he and I take the time to capture a moment of his life before he barrels headlong into the next.  It has been such a true pleasure to watch how this young man has grown and matured each time we meet. It seems like only a split second has come and gone.  I also look forward to seeing how Kyle changes the next time we meet.  A returning client, like Kyle, is truly a part of the great joy of my job. I love getting to watch how families grow and change. And the fun I have becoming friends with my clients helps us all to produce portraits that I hope they will treasure for years to come. Kyle, enjoy your Junior year, and I will see you next summer to slow you down for another moment in time!

Check out Kyle's slideshow!

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